Parker, Skip Durbin and eggcartons

The Hand of Clay

Paul Bunker playing his Vitar -

a 5-string violin/viola combo



Myers and Parker discuss conditioners

Bunker, Parker, and his girlfriend rest between takes


Rousseau, engineer - Dan Peterson & Clay

Durbin demonstrating proper embouchure










JD&D owner and engineer - Dennis Hughes

Tom Reed with alto tambourine

Independence Day in Dallas - Reverchon Park...a cool 102 degrees in the shade

With yet another name change - Prism, and several more spins of the musician-go-round the lineup becomes Bunker, Clay, Durbin, Myers, Parker and Rousseau. Endless rehearsals, late night partying sprinkled wth philsophical discussions at the band house, live show tinkering and the filling of a compositional war chest are routine.


Saturday, March 19th - the band opens for Gentle Giant (The Interview Tour) at The Electric Ballroom in Dallas.

Myers, Bunker, Rousseau, Clay, Reed, Parker and Durbin

At TM Productions (Dallas) remixes are done of the January Sound recordings (after the addition of Reed’s vocals) and a new round of major record label deal hunting commences.

Reed is added as frontman and HANDS records Abbracadaver and Castle Keep at JD&D Sounds - Grand Prairie, Texas. The songs are released as a 45 rpm single on JD&D Records.

The shopping of the recordings begins in earnest.

Even though disco rules the roost and art rock is viewed with fear and loathing in most circles, there are several promising industry connections made. Among them, legendary producer Ken Scott, who loves the music but, as luck would have it has just finished Happy The Man’s first album and is progressively tapped out.

After finding out the name Prism has already been claimed by a Canadian rock outfit, Vincent Baboon and His Trial Balloon and then more prudently, HANDS is chosen as a replacement moniker.

June 1st - KZEW - Dallas. Prism performs live on Homegrown, a one-hour radio broadcast.  

Tender Behemoth aka Gentle Giant

Myers, Parker and Durbin at the Electric Ballroom

Late summer/early fall Prism records Zombieroch Parts1and 2; Dreamsearch; Worlds Apart; Ditty; Prelude #2; Left Behind; King’s Mischief and Triangle of New Flight at January Sound - Dallas.

Bunker and cuatro



Reed and Bunker

North Lake College (Dallas) - September 23, 1978

Myers, Parker, Reed, Rousseau, Durbin, Bunker and Clay